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2008-10-01 23:24:46 by xNihilistNinjax

I added a picture for my profile, and for my avatar thing. if you like them let me know. and if you're tired of having the defaults let me know and if i have time ill make you either kind of picture, or both. If you have something in mind ill make it, if not ill just go off of your name. ok im done. Here's the part when you comment my post. (or rate up my flashes ;))


2008-09-02 07:04:56 by xNihilistNinjax

well so far i've submitted 2 of my projects to newgrounds and both have made it through the portal, so im in a good mood. i have about 392479823472938 side projects going on that i got tired of working on, so expect more in the future, but not too near cause i work on each a little at a time.

I just made my first flash movie. its only about 35 seconds, but i enjoyed making it. I don't know who's reading this, but have a good day.